Cam Caddie - Scorpion EX





The Scorpion EX is the latest update in the Scorpion line. The Scorpion EX comes standard with 1 Accessory Shoe & our updated ¼-20 Threaded Brass Feet. The 1/4-20 Threaded Brass Feet allows the Scorpion EX to be Tripod or Shoulder Support Mounted, utilizing the optional Cheese Plate and Shoulder Support. The Scorpion EX is an extremely versatile Handheld Camera Stabilizer & Support Rig. The patented design displaces the weight of your gear enabling a stable support rig that dampens movement while shooting. The system can facilitate moves that look like a professional camera stabilizer or jib arm. It is ideal for capturing all types of events, such as: action sports corporate events, weddings, walkthroughs and much more. Attach an endless variety of accessories to the Scorpion EX ensuring you have what you need for your next shoot.




  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Wide Variety of Accessories
  • Fits virtually any DSLR or Video Camera



Connections/Mounting Points 

  • 1/4 x 20 Standard Camera mount
  • Cold Shoe accessory mount



  • Weight: 2 lb
  • Max Carry Weight: 20 lbs




    • (1) Cam Caddie Scorpion EX "Includes mount for the Scorpion EX Cheese Plate/Tripod Mount" 
    • (1) Accessory Shoe 
    • (1) Mounting Knob. Constructed From: Composite Thermoplastic & our custom polymer grip