Maxx Digital Final Share

Final Share 10G

Maxx Digital's 10gig Final Share is a very simple, accelerated ethernet system, that allows multiple users to share the same Hi Def Video media, all at the same time.

For years, people have been saying "isn't there a cheap simple way I can share video media between two or three MAC edit systems?". This is that system.

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What We're Using

An off the shelf Mac Pro with a lot of RAM is used as the server computer. If we use the regular MAC OSX operating system, we can have up to 10 users working at once. If we use OSX Server software we can have as many users connected as the ethernet switch has ports.

PCIe Card #1 inside this Mac Pro

One is a disk drive host adapter that supports the new 6Gb SATA drives. The new drive arrays that support 6Gb drives are running at 1600 MB/sec read speeds, which is really, really fast. The drive arrays can be as large as 96 Terabytes each, and we can daisy chain up to 8 of these together. That's a LOT of storage.

PCIe Card #2 inside this Mac Pro

The other card in this MAC Pro is a 10Gb Etherent NIC. This 10Gb card hooks up to the back of a special ethernet switch that has 10Gb ethernet ports on it.

You plug in your MAC computer's ethernet port to this special switch. They can be MAC Pros, iMacs, MacBook Pros, MacBooks, and even old G5 computers. Without jumbo frames enabled, we can get about 90MB/sec read times for each computer attached. This means that every MAC computer attached can do any ProRes HD resolution up to and including ProRes4444. And there are no issues with large data transfer, or large render files - you can render right off of the shared drive volume.

And if that is not fast enough, we can put in a multiport 10Gb ethernet card in the server. This will allow us to have the extra ports connect directly to other MAC Pro computers that have a 10Gb ethernet card in them, and we can get about 300MB/sec to just these computers, which means that these computers can do uncompressed HD, or multiple streams of ProRes422HQ for large Multiclip jobs.

Maxx Digital Final Share works with all NLE editing software, like Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premier. It does NOT work with multiple AVID systems; however we can have one AVID connected without issue, that can share media with the other editing systems.

All of this works just like normal ethernet - meaning no special software, and no site licenses to purchase. It just plugs in and works, just like normal ethernet.

I know - it's hard to believe that this stuff actually works!

Training & Consulting

Maxx Digital offers video production and post production, training and consulting. We are aligned with the highest caliber trainers in the industry. Learn contemporary workflows from professionals who are creating them in the field.

We offer workshops and classes at our facility in Costa Mesa, California, as well as on site training at your location. Contact us today to get up to speed on what you need to get the job done at the highest level.

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  • -- Script Writing


  • -- Video Editing
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  • -- Media Composer
  • -- Smoke
  • -- Digital Asset Management
  • -- CatDV
  • -- Axle
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Anything Else...

Please contact Maxx Digital's trained sales staff for any other needs for training and consulting. We are here to help teach you learn the latest technology and make each of your digital projects a success!