NewTek - NC1 Studio Input Module






The NewTek NC1 Studio Input Module is a flexible extension of your studio, facility, and pipeline, making it possible to add new input sources to your production from any location on your network—and entirely new dimensions to your workflow.

Plan, structure, and configure your installation according to your needs, including multi-system and multi-site workflows, with shared access to sources and stations. With each Studio Input Module integrated into your workflow, new SDI and IP sources are made available to every compatible system and device connected to your network.



  • Translate up to 4 SDI or IP video sources to NDI® and deliver to the network from any location
  • Mix and match sources, including 3G-SDI and HD-SDI input devices, and RTMP, RTSP, and HTTP streams
  • Integrate with compatible systems and devices across your network for switching, streaming, display, and delivery
  • Stack modules in a single location or station in multiple locations to meet the demands of your productions



Local Video Input: 

  • 4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs


Network Video Input: 

  • 4 x NDI™ inputs


IP Video Input: 

  • Support for a range of video over IP input sources, including RTMP, RTSP, and HTTP streams


Network Video Output: 

  • 4 x NDI outputs


Local Video Output: 

  • 1 x DVI or HDMI user interface with multiviewer


Local Audio Input: 

  • 4 x SDI embedded
  • 1 x 2 Balanced XLR (Line)
  • 3 x 2 Balanced 1/4” (Line)


Network Audio: 

  • Native support for network audio input and output via NDI
  • Embedded audio supported for all NDI input and output video signals
  • Integrated support1 for Dante™ networking protocol from Audinate®


Supported SDI Formats: 

    • 1080p: 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.976
    • 1080i: 59.94, 50
    • 720p: 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.976
    • 576i 50
    • 480i 59.94



  • 4 x recording channels via IsoCorder™ technology
    • QuickTime® (XDCAM HD compatible, 4:2:2 encoding, 24-bit audio, with timecode)
    • Supports recording to external storage via USB 3.0
    • Supports shared storage integration and third-party partner solutions



  • Grab full-resolution, deinterlaced still images from external video sources and outputs



  • Integrated multiviewer display with configurable workspace and viewports


Signal Monitoring: 

  • Integrated waveform and vectorscope, full field rate with digital calibration, color preview and support for ITU-R Rec. 709



  • Video: Floating Point YCbCr +A 4:4:4:4
  • Audio: Floating Point, 96 kHz


A/V Standards: 

  • 3G-SDI video conforms to SMPTE 424M (Level A)
  • HD-SDI video conforms to SMPTE 292M
  • SD video conforms to SMPTE 259M and ITU-R BT.656
  • Analog audio levels conform to SMPTE RP-155



  • Hardware tally via HD15 GPI connector or network tally via NDI



  • 2 x 1 Gigabit NIC


System Physical: 

  • 1RU chassis with 180W PSU
    • 19.0 x 1.75 x 16.75 in (48.3 x 4.5 x 42.5 cm) with rack ears attached
    • 15 lbs (6.8 kg)




  • (1) NC1 Studio Input Module