SecureDrive - BT Hardware Encrypted External Portable Drive

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Certified Secure.

Patent pending technology puts Military Grade AES256 bit encryption at your fingertips. The only hardware encrypted drive with User authentication via DataLock® app on any smartphone, tablet, wearable or similar mobile device (available for download at the app store Apple/Android). In addition to a completely OS and software free design to encrypt the data at rest the SECUREDRIVE BT also allows for the easiest user experience to unlock the drive with a user created 7-15 digit alpha numeric pin or Apple Touch ID / Face recognition.

All User data, PINs, Crypto Parameters and Encryption Keys are always encrypted while at rest.




  • completely SOFTWARE FREE remote management capabilities
  • Certified Secure with FIPS Compliant design
  • OS and platform Independent
  • Preloaded with Antivirus
  • Full Disk Hardware Encryption
  • 256 bit AES XTS Mode
  • USB 3.0 Super Speed
  • Brute Force Anti Hacking Self Destruct Feature
  • BadUSB Protection
  • Admin and User modes
  • Read Only Mode
  • Bootable Drive
  • Inactivity AutoLock
  • Step Away AutoLock: Locks your drive when the paired device moves more than 3 meters away for more than 5 seconds



Unlock via mobile App. Remote Management ready. 

  • 12.5mm (1TB & 2TB HDD), (256GB-8TB SSD)
  • 20.5MM (up to 5TB HDD)
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3: Certification Pending
  • Award Winning: CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree
  • Hardware Encryption – AES256-bit XTS
  • OS Independent. Works across and with any OS and Devices
  • User Authentication via mobile phone/DataLock® app – iOS/Android (TouchID, FaceID for Apple only)
  • Admin/User Mode, Read-Only Mode, Auto-Lock
  • Remote management ready
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty




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